Friday, April 3, 2009

Peas in a pod

Even with the disappointment stemming (no pun intended) from the last cold front and the failure of most of my summer veggies (for now), there are some successes so far.

Sweet peas!

They're pretty little plants, aren't they? Can't wait to taste them in a couple of days.

Also, the blackberry bush is busy budding. (Very alliterative of me, no?) I hope they actually produce in a couple of months. It's an Arapaho variety. It's mostly upright and thornless. It seems like cheating to be able to pick blackberries without the risk and effort, but it's a small yard and poky things probably aren't a good idea.


Big I was impressed by the peas too.

Speaking of peas in a pod, he and the dogs are such good buddies these days.

Cracks me up how both he and Brisco have a funny expression at the same time. What a trio of funny guys I have to keep me company during the day.


  1. He's growing up too fast. Any hope for veggies?

  2. I'll put some more in hopefully this week. We'll see.