Sunday, January 31, 2010

Lost and Found

I found my camera after I lost it (again) for a few weeks. I forgot about some funny stuff.

1. Christmas. Big I in his jammies always makes me laugh.

2. Good soil is the secret to growing 'em big and healthy.

3. Plenty of sleep helps too.

4. Speaking of growing things big and healthy, I wanted to transplant this Swiss Chard into a pot since it was the only thing left in one of my raised beds. I should have known when I couldn't pull it out on the first try to leave it there, then the second try after digging, and then a third. Finally the tap root just popped. It had grown past the 11 inches of fill soil into the sub-soil. No telling how long it was. Probably went all the way to China...or Switzerland as the case may be.

Big I refused to hold it, it was bigger than him.

5. Then there was the lettuce incident a few weeks ago. A minute after I got done taking this lovely picture,

I turned around to this - Gah! :

Nevermind, they looked like this the next day anyway:


  1. Why do little kids make me laugh? I guess because they're huh little people? So cute even in the dirt. Guess he's imitating Mom?

  2. He looks like he's at home playing in the dirt. What a great kid! Love the pic of him and daddy snoozing...can we come crash at your place and escape the snow that is on it's way?