Friday, October 22, 2010

A Morning Hike

Big I and I went down to LLELA this morning. We had a wonderful little adventure.

We saw a creek, a feather (which Big I used to paint the tree), snail shells,

a really good example of a snake skin (rostral scale and lower jaw still attached - cool),

a butterfly wing,

mud, deer tracks, trees and best of all:

A toad! But sadly, no armadillos.

Here's Big I's shot of him.


  1. Wow, he's Mini-emily. I think the feather shot is one to frame, what a cutie. Has he perfectd the art of weaving of worms around his fingers yet?

  2. The little baby is no longer, he is definitely a little boy! Great pictures, thank you for posting them. :)

  3. Nice Adventure and great photos! (expecially teaching Big I to hold all those nature exhibits). Come down to Waco! Since moving, I've seen (or killed if found in the new home) 2 scorpions, 10 black widows, 1 dead diamond back rattlesnake and 1 super hungry buzzard...all in like a 1 block radius...gulp!

  4. Sounds like Darcy needs to get busy, Christy!