Thursday, June 4, 2009

Hey, we made it.

Last Friday Craig was out of town, so the little man and I took ourselves to see Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, the Yarn Harlot at a booksigning. Big I was as good as gold (finding a corner in the back where he could crawl around helped) and Stephanie was highly amusing and a pleasure to meet. We even made her blog. You have to scroll down and "click to embiggen".

The entire time she was talking, though, I had to laugh at the guy from the bookstore. He's the one on the very far right in the picture there. Obviously does not understand the knitting thing. I don't think he laughed once. And she really is funny.

To wrap up the weekend with just the two of us, Big I took me to dinner on Saturday. Shortest date I've ever had... in both duration and height!


I have not yet been able to get pictorial or video proof, but Big I definitely likes the swimming pool. The first couple of times we went, I would sit him on the side of the pool and tell him to scoot off so I could catch him. He would get a sly little smile, look around to see what everyone else was doing and then wiggle his shoulders, working up to a plop! into the water. Well, when we went the other day, he's gotten so good at it that I hardly had time to let go before he'd launch himself back in. He even got so cocky he'd look off into the distance while pitching forward. Very trusting boy!

He also has a special message for Grandma:


A few garden shots from this morning:

My mini sunflower with friend on tow. (Actually, I need to look that bug up. I think it might be a cucumber beetle.)

Some yummy strawberries.

The monster mystery cucurbits. They're doing better than anything I planted on purpose.

Blooms on my hosta. Remember what those look like, Mom? No deer here to eat them.

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