Thursday, June 11, 2009

Piggy in the Puddle

Big storms here last night and this morning. We spent part of the evening in the bathroom when the tornado sirens went off. (Ha! I almost typed "air raid sirens". That's what they sound like.) We only got the first bad line to come through. Most everything else went just south of us.

A section of fence did come down.

Luckily it looks like it can be reattached without any problem.

Big I managed to make his way outside to help assess the damage this morning. But he got distracted along the way.


It was one of those moments that makes me glad I can stay home. If I had to hurry up and get ready and out the door to take him to day care and then get to work, it would have never happened. Or at best, I would have been exasperated that I had to get him all cleaned up. Instead, I could run and get the camera and have a good laugh. What a fun discovery for a little guy.


  1. Good thing it was only the fence.
    I can see Big I at the doorway but nothng else. What was he into?

  2. Stupid Blogger won't upload correctly. He found a nice puddle and got most of it on himself. I'll try to get it to upload yet.