Saturday, November 14, 2009

Getting Bigger

Big I has been very busy becoming a little boy lately.

He's had his first caramel apple. (Check Brisco out. He wants some caramel apple too.)

Actually, I made some, ate most of the caramel off but when I offered it to him, he studied it for a minute and then promptly turned to the caramel still on the end and took a huge chomp. Totally takes after his dad. How does he know??

He's been busy helping Daddy paint. On the step ladder - egad.

He helps me in the kitchen too.

Helps make a mess, that is.

But he has fun doing it.


  1. What a busy boy!

    We have a bottom drawer where I toss all sorts of random plastic things from the kitchen. That has always been the toddler drawer. Anything goes...and usually goes all over the house lol. Its all about getting the kids into the kitchen :)