Sunday, November 1, 2009

Moo, Moo, Boo!

Here are a few pics of Big I in his Halloween costume. We didn't bother getting any candy, but he enjoyed walking around and seeing other folks out and about. Last weekend we went to a city Halloween event with some friends and even though there were ten bazillion people there, he was just interested in the rocks. Well, and the fire trucks. And the mini cars.

Craig suggested we put a 'Eat Mor Chikn' sign on him.


With the cooler weather, I've been baking a lot lately. Big I has learned that he can lick the mixer or spoon. So now he either pushes the chair over and declares "Up!" or he hangs around with his tongue hanging out waiting for a taste. Silly guy.


  1. He looks like a little boy 'A. Gross" I used to know. At that age he liked to do that. Also looks like Big I's mother doing the same thing.

  2. You mean licking the utensils? I still do that!