Monday, May 17, 2010

Another Garden Update

Lots coming up here! chard.

The first tomato! (Sweet 100's again along with some herlooms.)

More squash...I think they're squash. I don't remember planting all of these. I know there are some mini sunflowers at the end.

Glorious, glorious blackberries. Almost here...

A look up from inside the 'corn field'.

Mmm corn...Blue Jade. With a squash and pepper in the foreground.

Since they're mini corn, do you think they'll be "knee-high by the Fourth of July" on this guy? Actually, I guess they're already past that.

Holy Mole pepper.

Look at my heuchera! It's never looked so good.

It's actually going to bloom for the first time since I bought it about 6 years ago.

And I wanted to show off my dwarf pomegranates even though they aren't that impressive yet.

Aren't those orange blooms cool?


  1. It looks like you've got your own personal nursery going on there. I'm glad things are growing well this year. Little guy looks like he just woke up!

  2. Jealous. You have no deer. I'm going your way for dinner, and you must have blackberry pie.

  3. He did just wake up. No, we don't have deer in the yard. But there is a very large rabbit who contributes his fair share of damage.