Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Beer, Pizza and Pretzels

You would think by the title we were entertaining a bunch of frat boys at the house, but it was actually just dinner tonight. I made some pizza using this recipe for beer dough from Penzey's.

Note, when the recipe says it makes a big batch, they are not kidding.

I made up two pizzas, which hardly made a dent in the dough supply. They were pretty good, but one was overbaked and Craig commented that it was more like a pretzel on the edges than pizza crust.

'Pretzels' you say?? Coming right up!

We used this recipe for the boiling/baking parameters.

15 minutes later, they turned out very nicely!

It should be noted, I still have enough of that dough in the freezer for at least three more pizzas.


I finished a hat for Big I for this winter. Of course, I didn't think to try on last year's hat to see how it fit until after I finished the new one. Yes, the old one still fits fine. (Fortunately so does his coat.)

Anyway, doesn't he look like his cousin B-man in this picture?

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  1. Mmmm pizza and pretzels! And yes, Big I does look like Beebs. Growing up so fast!