Monday, August 2, 2010

Birthday Boy

The Big I is the Big 2 as of yesterday. He had a yummy pizza dinner and then some cupcakes with his Grandpa and Grandma T.

He also enjoyed his first foray into finger paints today. Look out carpet!

He got a bunch of new toys that he enjoyed all day today as well. This is not one of them - though he made himself right at home in the vacant toy cubby.

Since reaching the ripe old age of 2, Big I has started contemplating his future career..."Have you ever considered piracy? You'd make a wonderful Dread Pirate Roberts."


  1. You're the Dread Pirate Roberts, admit it.
    With pride. What can I do for you?

    he's not a baby anymore, he's definitely a handsome little boy.

  2. I thought he was just born, didn't we spend 2 weeks there? I don't see a baby chair---is he now without it?

  3. He told me he wanted the 'big chair' so he got a booster seat yesterday. He likes to visit the high chair where it sits on the floor though.