Monday, November 15, 2010

A little warped

Look what followed me home yesterday.

Yep, a loom. A Glimakra Ideal, to be exact.

I had no idea what kind of loom my friend had to give me, but I'm tickled it's a 'real' loom that actually has an existing company and customer support and supplies. I've already contacted Glimakra and they've been wonderfully helpful with some parts info.

Speaking of assembling, it was ridiculously easy. Really. I did it with a picture off the internet and less than 30 minutes. No tools or real instructions required. Big I 'helped' of course. It is missing a couple of minor parts that I should be able to replace from the hardware store. Now we just have to untangle all the treadles and lamms and shafts and get it all hung up.

I have no room in the house for it, but the price was right (read: free) and did anyone notice the price of a new one on that link up there? Yeah. You'd take it too.

Big I's already figured out how to use the ratchet to wind the warp beam and apron and then release the pawl to let it all unroll down to the floor.


  1. Well, kind of like a new Star Teek episode, eh?

    Where's the disrupter and phase inverter? I see it has warp drive. Perhaps the Ferengi will trade a quick spin in the texsolv heddle for a cortex of Sparma fleece? If not, a mind meld might create a new approach to fleecing the virtual lamb.

  2. That is AWESOME!! I can't imagine what you are going to be making this year. Little I is certainly adorable too!!