Sunday, January 23, 2011

New recipes

No interest in blogging still, but I did try three new recipes this week and they were all delicious so I thought I'd pass them on. (I think the family is grateful the first trimester food-aversions are over.) Two recipes are vegetarian which are always keepers with the price of meat going up lately and with Lent coming soon.

1. Moroccan Meatloaf - I actually made no changes to this recipe and it was very easy and tasty as well as somewhat unusual. I bet it would freeze well. Big I liked the raisins.

2. Eggplant Parmesan Heros - I added some mozzarella to the buns to melt while they were briefly toasting in the oven. Don't bother with croutons, just use the pre-done Italian breadcrumbs from the store. Also, a medium eggplant makes quite a bit, so choose a smaller eggplant unless you have a crowd. I doubt the eggplant would keep well for leftovers.

3. Sweet Potato Burritos - I realized too late that I was almost out of cumin and never did have coriander. I improvised some other spices: chili powder mostly, I think. They were still yummy, so I can't wait to try again with the correct ingredients. I also intended to use only 2 potatoes and put an extra the freezer for Sweet Potato Biscuits* later. However, I spaced out when making dinner and used all three. There's now plenty of left over burritos in the freezer! Hopefully they'll reheat well.

* If you've tried making that biscuit recipe and found them too tough or crumbly, try using half and half of the whole wheat flour and all-purpose flour. You may have better luck with the texture.

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