Sunday, January 1, 2012

Tree and a Cricket

It was time to plant a tree for The Bug, so we headed out to Chambersville Tree Farm Friday with Craig's dad.

He works out there and helped us pick out a lovely Desert Willow 'Bubba' for the front of the house. (A couple of rose bushes may have also snuck their way into the truck.) Thanks, Clint!

All the sunshine and fresh air must have been too much for Big I.

But when we got home there was a package at the door. I found a super good deal on a little Cricket loom a few weeks ago. I thought it might be fun to let people borrow or for the boys if they wanted to try some time. Oh boy! it had arrived.

I gave it a coat of paint right away and then to my surprise Big I declared he wanted to make a scarf 'All by myself!'. He decided it would be a scarf for Daddy.

So we picked some colors and warped it up. And to my great astonishment, he went to town. (The nap must have helped.)

Daddy even got in on the action.

And not to be outdone...

P.S. The new tree also made it into the ground, but it was late and there was no light. Perhaps photos later.


  1. nice to hear about what's going on in Texas. did you all finish the scarf?

  2. Nah, they're still working on it.

  3. Great choice on the tree. Our "Bubba" looked totally luscious (purple blooms and deep green leaves)...despite the severe central TX drought!