Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Shh! Be vewy, vewy quiet.

Cold and dreary has turned to cold and sparkly.

The dogs had to tip-toe carefully on the coating of ice that was everywhere.

Speaking of the dogs, I was sitting at the computer yesterday when Fozzie Bear came rushing in with that ground-eating trot that only sporting breeds (or what used to be a sporting breed) have. The look on his face clearly said "Mom! Mom! Come quick!" Obviously important news!

I got up and followed him into the living room, thankful that he didn't alert me with barking as he usually does. There I found Brisco diligently and staring out the front window all a-tremble with excitement. He had obviously been left as the look-out while Foz had been sent as the runner to get the pack leader.

After shooing the dogs away, it took me a moment to figure out what they were so worked up over. A walker on the sidewalk? No. A truck parked out front? Nope.

Ah ha! I should have known. If you look carefully to Brisco's right, you can see it.

Yup, Bugs. My dogs have been waging war on the rabbits in our neighborhood ever since we moved in. If they ask to go outside, I'm telling ya, keep your hands and feet clear. They are out for blood and don't care who or what is in the way. Brisco actually got a little baby rabbit a few months ago, speaking of blood. Good thing I got there right after a clean kill and before further gore could ensue.

I guess this little fella found a good spot to sit out some rain and munch on a few weeds.

At least there's some form of wildlife in this concrete jungle.

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  1. Too bad Copper isn't there...he's got experience with moles and other common yard rodents.