Thursday, January 29, 2009

Totally wired

If you live with a guy who loves electronic 'toys' like I do then you may know how it is to have wires and cords and plugs and cables and chargers for everything. It gets tough to keep track of them all so I decided to do something to keep them corralled.

For several years we have had one of those over-the-door shoe holders in our front coat closet (see pic at right). It works great for stashing hats, mittens, scarves and so forth. So I figured one of the same type of holders could hold cables. I'm sure it's not an idea original to me and it's definitely not rocket science but I'll show you how I did it anyway.

I picked up a shoe holder for $6 bucks at Ross. It held things well, but how was I to tell what was in each pocket? Any number of ways would work. If the holder had nice see-through plastic pockets like the one above, masking tape labels would work fine. Or even labels you can use in your printer. But I had concerns about the longevity of something sticky on the cloth holder I bought. It occurred to me that I could pin a label to the pockets and since I have a ton of safety pins from my race numbers, I decided to go that route.

First I assembled the safety pins, some old note cards from college (actually, I think those are from high school), a pair of scissors and a pen. Baby feet and baby toy feet are optional.

Next, I folded the note cards in half and cut. Then folded those in half again until I had 16 roughly equally sized little cards. (16 since that's how many pockets on my holder, of course.)

Next, I used a hold punch to put two holes close together near the top of each card.

After that, it's as simple as pinning the cards to each pocket through the holes and deciding what goes where. Label as you go so you don't have to remember what's what...the labels do it for you.

That's it!


In gardening news, the spinach seeds I planted two weeks ago that I thought were toast, er popsicles, in the ice actually germinated! Well, two have at least. (You may have to click on the pics to actually see the green!) I'll keep an eye out for any more.

Also got some red onion starts in the ground today. Hope they do well.

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