Sunday, February 8, 2009


This was the weekend for Big I's baptism. My whole family came in minus a couple of spouses and kids.

We started the weekend with breakfast with grandma and grandpa.

We went out to dinner with everyone who could make it that night. At the pope table no less.

From left to right, brother Andy, SIL Stacy, sister Cari, Mom...

sister Melissa, Dad...

SIL Jen (behind Pope Benedict), BIL Sonny with AJ, B-man...

friends A., Sarah and JR.

And of course, the man of the hour...ready to party as always.

Sunday morning, he was on his very best behavior for his baptism.

He prepped for the big event with Grandpa and with Grandma.

He was a very big boy for the wet part of the experience. He really likes Father Matthew.

All in all, a lovely weekend, but tiring...a nap was in order all around.

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