Saturday, February 21, 2009

Gearing up for spring..with sweet potatoes in my tummy

This morning I made some seriously yummy Sweet Potato biscuits. They were very easy and the best thing about them is how healthy they are. Not even a pinch of added sugar or butter. I liked the first batch so much, I made a second double batch tonight for freezing.

Having made them twice, my recommendation for prepping the sweet potatoes is to peel them, slice them, then put them covered in the microwave for a few minutes until they're soft. Then mash them by hand or use the food processor. Just in case you want to try some yourself.


We also made a trip to North Haven Gardens this afternoon. Not only was it Organic Day (meaning I scored some Organic Gardening magazine freebies), Patti Moreno was there. Check out the Urban Sustainable Living link in the right sidebar; that's her. She was a fun speaker and I got a few ideas to improve my raised beds. Plus she and Big I got along great.

North Haven has some nice demo raised beds that gave Craig and I some inspiration for the yard, too.

I was very good and only bought two tomato plants (almost time to put those out!), some Swiss Chard to supplement what I planted from seed, and some cilantro.

Oh yeah, and some expanded shale for Craig to put in a new bed tomorrow. Muwahahaha.


Ah, I hear my friendly neighborhood Great Horned Owl has come out to say hello. I guess that means it's time for bed after a busy day.


  1. So, is Patti kind of the Rachel Ray of Sustainable Living? Can you send the biscut info. to Stacy? Her grandad makes those.

  2. So TX is really not all concrete? There are rabbits AND owls...oh, and the possum we saw on the way to church...looking forward to the sweet potato biscuits. Kisses and tickles to Isaac!

  3. Could you send the biscuit recipe my way, too?
    I"m surprised to hear of the owls....