Friday, May 1, 2009

Bathroom make over

We painted the hall bathroom the other week. I get so tired of white walls and half-decorated rooms, but with the little guy it's hard for me to undertake big projects during the day. I figured the small bathroom couldn't be too bad and Craig could help at night.

So here's the finished product so far.

It's a nice blue with a hint of green. Actually, when it was on my hands, I thought it made me look like a Smurf. A new shower curtain and rug help too.

(I love that rug more than a person really should love a rug. It's cotton and viscose and the bobbly parts are wool that massage your feet when you walk on it. Plus it was on sale.)

We still want to paint the cabinet white and put up wainscotting. It'll need new accessories then too. But it's already a much more refreshing room to walk into. Downright 'smurferific'.


  1. Looks good! can't wait to see it next week.
    P.S. nice toes!

  2. Pictures of rugs just aren't that interesting. Had to add something!