Saturday, May 2, 2009


Knitting and spinning update today.

I finished spinning the Chocolate-Covered Cherries colorway that I really am not too fond of. I still don't care for it much now that it's plied; just too much pink. I decided to just go with a basic 2-ply since I was so uninspired by it. It'll probably be stashed away for now until I find a good project for it.

Speaking of pink, I also finished a baby sweater for our friend's Sarah and JR who are expecting in July. I actually made this sweater a long time ago, so I'm glad it will finally have a recipient. It's a very simple and very adaptable top-down raglan. Lots of fun to knit. I especially like that the raglan 'seams' are purled so the make a sort of ribbing that expands as the baby moves around.

I added a little "A" for some extra interest as there is reportedly a 95% chance that her name will start with that letter.

And as a bonus, it's completely reversible. A little too much spit-up to hide? No problem, just turn it inside out. The other side has a nice texture from the purl bumps. And just look at how nice and neat I wrapped the colors. Am I good or what?


The Ham was being cute lounging away while awaiting his wardrobe change this morning.

What a goof.

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  1. The pink side of the buttons are nice, too!