Thursday, May 21, 2009

A brief garden tour

All sorts of things blooming. This is just a few.

The orange hibiscus.
My balloon flower. I love this plant. It's something I bought on a whim several years ago for the shady patio in our apartment. I didn't expect much from it, but it has come back bigger and better each year with almost no attention from me. Plus as it blooms it goes from this (starting out like the little guy in the back there):

to this:
My Christmas cactus, which I really got for Christmas, is doing fine. They really do prefer to be ignored.
We've harvested a few strawberries and the peas were yummy, but they're gone for the season. We have a few up-and-comers, most notably: blackberries!

All this and more, thanks to my helpful assistant.

Makes that assistantS.


I might as well post a few pictures of the new carrier, the Kozy. Love it. The straps are a bit of a pain to have to tie and untie and keep of the ground, especially after being used to the Pikkolo - which I also still love. Once tied, however, it's very comfy and I adore the big pocket. Plus they're made in Lynchburg and a lot of the colors are named after Virginia towns. I got the Hillsdale.

Big I didn't feel like smiling when we took these, unfortunately.

Craig said Big I looks like a turtle.

And who doesn't love a little baby tummy.


  1. I'm so envious! Your plants are gorgeous. I wish my yard were sunnier; maybe I'd have a greener thumb!

    My compost looks good, though! Lol.

  2. Well my compost has fire ants in it, so you're one up on me!