Saturday, October 24, 2009

Dead Dogs

The dogs are very lucky that they aren't dead right now - though they are in exile in the back yard. We had a very lovely day today (more on that later). But when we got home this evening, we were greated with this:

That's a big pile of candy from a Halloween event that they (Fozzie?) pulled down from the desk you see right there. And yes, most of it has been eaten. Brisco is in his sausage state. Foz is not far behind.

But wait, there's more.

Yup, that's the TABLECLOTH from the KITCHEN TABLE. One of them must have gotten a hold of the corner and pulled it until the ceramic bowl with the fruit in it - which resides in the middle of the table - came crashing down.

Who are these dogs that have replaced my mischievous-but-only-mildly-destructive puppies??? They're lucky they're not dead because I killed them. They both have cuteness working to their advantage. We'll see what the chocolate does to them.


  1. So are you cleaning up more from the dogs today than just candy wrappers? I don't envy you, poor woman.

  2. Fortunately, everything seems to have come out okay here. Lucky little puppies is all I have to say...

  3. I just realized you were worried about them being harmed by the candy meal not yu. Sorry, I was a little slow when I got home last night...