Friday, October 9, 2009

Nice and Cozy

It's cold and rainy here. But not to worry I have 2 new defenses.

Defense #1.

Just looks like tea you say? Look closer.

That's right, DECAF CHAI! I haven't had chai since I was pregnant and that resulted in Isaac and me both being up until 1 am. It was the only time he was ever really uncomfortable en utero. I was so excited to see this in the store I actually paid full price for it. Add some milk and a zap in the microwave and mmm...then I went and took a nap. Most excellent.

Defense #2

No, not the baby, though he's nice too. Two new recliners. We've been looking for nice, affordable patio furniture but as is always the case when we go to Weir's, we found something completely different than what we came for.

They're perfect for our needs. Nice enough to be comfy and fit well in the room, but not so nice as to be unaffordable and make me freak out when they get spilled, jumped or vomited upon.

Now I think I'll go combine my defenses...


  1. Nice looks like Big I likes them, too. Will have to look for the Decaf Chi

  2. This has absolutely nothing to do with your chai decaf (although that is a very nice find and I will need to look for it) but thought you might enjoy the following URL...

  3. Oh yeah, I totally own that. Bought it a few years ago. Sadly, they never released seasons 2 and 3.

  4. Emily!! This is your cousin Rachel! Just wanted to tell you that your son is absolutely adorable!
    Mom drinks that Chai Tea all the time, she buys is at Target!