Wednesday, October 21, 2009

rANDOm sTufF

Random item #1:

HOLY COW! Run for your lives! It's the Godfather of all slugs!

It took me 3 handfulls of salt to get the slime off my fingers. First the giant grasshopper, now this. And this:

Random item #2:

I guess all the rain is pushing things out of their usual hidey-holes. This little guy is most welcome...just not on the baby gate.

Random item #3:

I made a pumpkin pie from scratch-ola today, minus the crust. Doesn't taste any better than from a can I don't think. But maybe that's because I'm just used to the canned stuff.

Roasted up the seeds too.

Random item #4:

Finished a pair of socks for Craig. I still don't know why I made these (yes I do, I cast on too many stitches for my foot but the perfect number for Craig and was too lazy to take it out again) as he doesn't wear any of the other pairs I've made for him.


  1. Oh my! That slug is beyond gross, eeewwww! The worst is when I head outside with a cup of tea first thing in the morning in my bare feet...

    I am sitting here right now eating pumpkin seeds, yumm. No pumpkin pie though.

    Those socks look so comfy! I have been wearing my hat all week :) I wore it the other day when we went to get pumpkins & got some pictures, just don't have them up on the blog yet.

    I have something for you over at my blog ;)

  2. I told everyone everything was bigger in Texas, even the slugs. Lucky it's not the case for that snake. is that babygate outside??

  3. Tell me that thing on the baby gate is not a snake! I don't care how small he is. Are you sure that slug isn't a mutant from the compost?

  4. Baby gate was in the front door keeping the critters and kids in and letting the nice weather in too.