Monday, September 28, 2009

Another give-away

This one isn't mine. Check out Lisa's BEA-ut-ti-ful necklace here. I have a bit of a jewelry problem when it's hand-made. I feel I should support folks who are trying to earn a little something extra and darn it they're pretty and shiny!


And just to brag, I made the most perfect apple pie this weekend. It was a perfect flaky crust and not too-sweet filling. Gotta love The Best Recipe.

It still wasn't as good as Grandma Gross'.


  1. i think I know the answer to this but which Grandma Gross are we talking about? :) I won't be offended. Stacy G. does a pretty mean apple pie, too. We should have a bake off some time!

  2. Yeah, my Grandma Gross. I don't remember you making too many apple pies, Ma.

  3. Oh, thanks for blogging about my giveaway & thanks for the complement!

    I am taking my homeschooler on a field trip to the apple orchard this week...I see lots of apple pies in our future :) Probably even some for the freezer :D

  4. Also, did you see that I left my email address in the comments for the scarf?

  5. I remember mom's apple pies...i'll take one of those any day. Right up there with steak & potatoes.

  6. Oh I do love apple season. Though there are no orchards here to pick my own. Hope you guys have a fun 'class' in the orchard.

    I definitely remember mom making plenty of other pies. Come to think of it, I remember standing watching her peel apples (in the air with the knife instead of the vegetable peeler - how amazing to a kid). So there must have been apple pies. Funny I don't remember eating them.