Wednesday, September 9, 2009

A return to normalcy

Having a kiddo of course means that life as you knew it is in the past. However, it's nice to have some sort of normal, adult interactions despite being the primary caregiver to a one-year-old. I had occasionally gone to Spinning Guild meetings for a couple of hours, but there was always mental acrobatics trying to figure out how to Get Big I down for a nap right before I left and make sure he nursed at the right time, etc. Just a bit of a hassle.

But last night I left the little man with his dad right after dinner and went to my first Commissioner's meeting. (Craig's dad sucked us into service, I'm actually fairly excited.) I wasn't even that worried about it either. I got to go do adult things with people who could use more than one-syllable words, you don't have to worry about them if they wonder off and don't wear diapers. Or if they do wear diapers, I don't have to change them.

I did call after the meeting to see how things went and Craig reported that after a bit of crying and wondering around the house looking for me, Big I settled down to the business of playing for the evening and by the time I called at 8:30, he was asleep and all was well.



And since I've been slacking on the photos lately, here's Big I at the playground a few days ago. Wearing his 'tchoos' (shoes).

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