Sunday, March 1, 2009

Busy Big I

Big I is 7 months old today and he's getting to be a big and very busy boy. He did all sorts of stuff this weekend.

On Friday, Craig upgraded to satellite tv. (To get more '"HD gloriousness" or something. Whatever.) Big I helped the installation guy and Daddy get everything put in.

Then he and Daddy spent way too much time getting all the settings and such right.

He loves the Beginner's Bible his Uncle Andy gave him for his baptism. Something about the nice colorful pictures I guess. He sat and let me read to him for quite a while.

Just a funny moment after church this morning. He and Craig worked out their own way to keep warm.

He and Brisco are good buddies too. We're lucky to have such good, kid-friendly dogs. (Actually, it's not luck. I made sure to never give them the choice to be otherwise.) Notice the look of quiet wariness in Brisco's eye, though. He may be tolerant, but he's not stupid. Good dog.


And on a completely unrelated note: Don't my stuffed peppers look cheerful and yummy? I just had to take a picture. They tasted good too.


  1. Sweet picture of baby and dog! Want snow? We got plenty! Your peppers look delicious, too.

  2. those peppers look great!
    Is Isaac's hair going to keep growing straight up? He looks so busy with Daddy... an engineer in the making?