Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Presents for baby, Lenten recipes and Big I's in the Box

I finished a couple of little projects to give to my friends Dorie and James who are expecting next month.

First a Socktopus, which has been road tested by Big I:

Also, a little nursing bracelet for Dorie to use. It helps keep track of which side to start on each time you sit down to feed the little one.


I've made a couple of good vegetarian recipes lately, just in time for the second half of Lent.

Check out how pretty the Butternut Squash and White Bean Soup is.

I chopped the spinach into smaller pieces than called for (Craig didn't like long ribbons) and I added a can of vegetable broth as part of the water. Sometimes Real Simple's recipes are too simple and there's not enough flavor, so the broth helps. For those in veggie-adverse households, there's just no way to slide this one in unnoticed.

(And why yes, those are yet more Sweet Potato Biscuits. I like them, okay?!)

Also, I made some excellent Fish Tacos last night. I bought the tomatillo salsa to save on time. I'd like to make the salsa myself next time, though.


We got two big convertable car seats for Big I the other day. (Thank you Woot!) I think he was more interested in the box.

Wonder where he gets it from? This is me circa March 1981 (just about the same or a bit older than his age now).

Notice the box in the background?


  1. Socktopus?....that's awsome! where can I get one of those? Could have done without the nursing bracelet info. Just make sure you keep him away from the dog food container...we don't need that little secret running in the family.

  2. I made the Socktopus and bracelet. What's wrong with the nursing info? Fact of life, bub.

  3. Who ate the dog food? I think I was told when we were in Texas but I was so astounded by that info that I've forgotten. shouldn't have been surprised. Socktopus is great--still looking for the sock monkey. Found Cari's but not Emily's yet.
    Andrew--can't wait for new little baby Gross to arrive on the scene--you'll learn more than you ever thought possible!!