Saturday, March 7, 2009

Just like Daddy

"Today I got to help Daddy with his computer."

"I'm not sure if I liked the cables or the box better."

"Today I got to play around with sports equipment with Daddy."

"Maybe I'll be into rock climbing like my Cousin Sarah."

"Today I helped Daddy with the garden."

"Mommy will have to tell you what we did though. I just taste-tested."


Craig got my trellis netting up today and I got my tomatoes in the beds.

It may be a bit early for the tomatoes, but the forecast is for warm weather for the next week and by then it'll be the frost-free date here. I can always protect them if need be with some straw I snagged this morning. Someone had discarded it in a common area of the neighborhood. It must have been a decoration in the fall; it's my mulch now.

I found an interesting tomato support at the store I'm going to try out this season, the 'Ultomato'. (Yeah, I know. I almost couldn't overlook the name.)

It has 3 long rebar-like supports except it's made of plastic. There are 3 sets of 3 cross bars that are all attached independently wherever they are needed. Hopefully they'll be able to support branches in exactly the right spot.

It was pretty inexpensive, but we'll see if it was money well spent.

As of today, my heritage Black Krim, planted nice and deep:

And my Roma. They're both putting out blossoms already.

But did I add enough compost and manure???

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  1. I think Isaac and Daddy look like trouble just waiting to happen!