Thursday, April 1, 2010

Back in business

Our new camera came today. Big I and I tested it out.

First he wanted to give a shout out via his wardrobe to his west coast aunties that he had so much fun with this past weekend. Can you read his new (to him) shirt? You might have to click.

We have a few things blooming:

the salvias (pardon the grass, we haven't had a chance to mow yet),

the bluebonnets,

and even the tomatoes.

The shade garden is looking very green and oh so relaxing when I walk over there. I added some Lenten Roses and a Coralberry this year.

And our new rainbarrel which works extremely well.

And best of all, the little elfish creature that hangs around here can help me water.


Bonus pics I found on the SD card from a couple of months ago judging by the hair and chapped cheeks:

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  1. West Coast Auntie Christy loves the TShirt, Big I, the smart Blogger Mama and her brother. Greatness, glad you're back in action -- all of you! It was so wonderful to reconnect.