Thursday, April 8, 2010

New clothes shopping

Hand me downs are the best. Part of the fun is that you never know what you're going to get. Take, for example, this last box from our friends. In it, the now infamous linen suit:

Also shown in "Take On Me" video version:

(Our new camera has such neat settings.And darn it if I don't still like that music video.)

Then there's the stuntman shirt from last year that still gets a laugh this year - especially when paired with the over-sized orange shorts:

And this one just defies all description except that it made Craig really, really want to go to Hawaii (like, even more so than usual):

Big I insisted on those shoes and hat to go with it, by the way.


  1. We just saw a commercial that had 'Princess Bride' in it....
    Wish we were all going to the beach this summer...I know Craig it's not Hawaii but at least all the g children would see each other. Maybe they could all 4 do their own modeling show.... might be fun!

  2. He and Abby could compare outfits and walk the catwalk to "I'm Too Sexy." I still love that video, too! No comic books for Big I, though.