Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A thing completed

Just finished up the Himalya Tote by Jill Vosburg last night.

I love this pattern. The first one I made from sari silk in a mini version. I loved that one too. My sister got it; I hope she uses it. This version is a big size (14" wide x 17" tall x 5" deep) and made from Paton's SWS (wool and soy silk) I felted it ever so slightly for a little extra durability. The colors worked up so nicely with the mitered corners.

The really exciting part is the lining. I used a cotton batik and was oh-so-careful (sewing is still not my strong point). There are four pockets, the largest of which has a velcro closure.

I double-stitched the pockets as well for added durability. I gave it a test-drive at the store this morning and it worked great. Below you can see what I brought. From top right going clock-wise:

Big pocket with dirty-dipe bag, small first-aid kit, toddler clothes change and other miscellany. Side pocket with water bottle and umbrella. Next pocket with wallet, sunglasses, shopping list and coupon folder. Small pocket with keys and cell phone. In the middle, I put a cloth diaper and my sock knitting project. I still had a ton of room left.

The only thing I didn't do was give it a top closure. Quite honestly, I just couldn't find the magnet closures I bought a while back. I don't typically use them so I didn't think it a big deal.

Why am I telling you all of these details? It's up for grabs. I like this one so much and have so much of this yarn that I'll make myself another and you can have this one.

I can't think of a good way to make y'all earn this one, so if you want it, just leave a comment saying so. I'll pick the winner on Monday!


  1. Yes, I use it and I love it! I have received very nice compliments on it. This new one is beautiful, too!

  2. Nice job!!!! It looks great...


  4. Love it. Looks like you can fit a miniature Tennill in there too...

  5. I think Dad could always use an extra bag to organize his paper, don't you all?

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