Friday, April 23, 2010


Big I experienced his first Boy Scout Camporee last weekend. I just now downloaded the pics. Big I had a blast rambling everywhere and seeing everything.

Here are a few shots of our afternoon and evening out with the scouts.

Hanging out with Daddy. (Check out Craig's spiffy new glasses with the transitions lenses. Coastal Contacts worked great.)

Setting up camp.

Testing out the new chair.

First time fishing.

A real live one with Grandpa.

Crazy hair in the rain.

One thing I didn't get pics of is Craig and I as judges for the dutch oven cooking competition. It was difficult with all those yummy dishes. Big I helped too and clamored for 'bites' if we were taking too long in between tastings.

We were all set-up to camp but then it began to rain pretty steadily during campfire. Craig's dad, a wise and experienced scouter, pointed out that it just wasn't a good night to camp. Especially since we only had our (very awesome, but still small) 2-man backpacking tent for the three of us. (To avoid such a problem in the future this has now been ordered thanks for a nice REI coupon. We are eagerly awaiting it's delivery.) So, disappointed, we packed it up in the rain and headed home.

Big I zonked out almost immediately and slept until after 8 the next morning.


  1. Big I's cousins will experience their first scout camp out (as will his aunt and uncle) next weekend! We'll eat a s'more for him. :)

  2. Nice fish! I bet Grandpa T. loved it. Who actually caught it?

  3. One of the scouts working on his merit badge caught it. But Grandpa had already caught several big bass earlier in the day. Apparently Craig caught some later too.

  4. Looks like y'all had a great time! The last time we went camping was the day I found out I was pregnant with Owain. That day we went out and bought a huge tent, perfect for a family of 5. Two kids later, we have not gone camping again and I am not even sure our family of 7 would fit in that tent any more, lol.

  5. That's hilarious, Lisa. I hope we don't outgrow our new one quite that quick...