Saturday, April 3, 2010


Remember that lovely neighborhood hawk that got the baby bunny a while back?

Look what I found today. Neat!

It's still in good shape too. The jaw and vertebrae are still attached. If I was still at work that would get added to our interpretation collection.

As an aside, when you find animal bones of any sort in the woods or fields, leave them there. The little critters gnaw on them for the minerals. Many times if you look closely you can see the teeth marks.


Look what our new camera does automatically! One end of our wee yard to the other. Also neat!


  1. Can you still take it to the collection? What would have gotten the hawk? Do owls get hawks? Am I asking too many questions? How do you know it's a hawk? ( you better answer these, Em.)

  2. I don't even know if the new rangers keep a collection. Maybe the hawk just moved on. That would have to be one large owl, so I think no. No. I saw the hawk; pictorial proof on the link above.

    Why do I have to answer these? It's my blog.

  3. Because Mom has questions. :)